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Question/Huntress stuff!

I'm back on a Justice League kick (again), and have suddenly discovered the awesomeness that is Question/Huntress from the JLU seasons.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with those seasons (mostly hate, though they had some redeeming qualities; namely Green Arrow). However, I saw THIS VIDEO on YouTube recently, and now I suddenly want to watch JLU again, even if it's only to catch glimpses of these two sometimes. :P

'K, enough rambling. I have today a handful of Question/Huntress icons, a colorbar, and one wallpaper (plus an alternate).

[04] Justice League Unlimited
-[04] Question/Huntress

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(Copy and paste the code from the text box directly into your profile. Please don't remove the credit line.)


1024x768 || alternate version

Screencaps taken from Justice League Central (episode; "Double Date"). Any textures used this time were from Radiance. Icon table generated by Ze Icon Table Generator.

I'll have some more Justice League graphics soon. Maybe. Depends on how lazy I am. xD;

If you've enjoyed these graphics, maybe you'd consider joining or watching the community? I'm also happy to affiliate with you.

Don't forget to comment and credit. :)
Tags: *colorbars, *icons, *wallpapers, [cartoons] justice league/unlimited, {pairing} question/huntress, |character| huntress/helena bertinelli, |character| the question/vic sage
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nice job dear! I think they are so cute!
:D Thankies!
Snagging some icons for later use
Love this couple & will credit <3
Thank you, glad you liked. ^_^