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Indolent Graphics

Because I'm lazy.

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A place to post my graphics.

As if it wasn't obvious. :P

Hello, all. I am cutiesaiyajin, and this is my graphics journal. :)


in-do-lent - /ˈɪndlənt/ - [in-dl-uhnt]

adjective; 1. having or showing a disposition to avoid exertion; slothful: an indolent person.

So, as you may have gathered from the name I chose for this community, I am lazy. I only post when I make something worthwhile, and I only make something worthwhile when I'm inspired. And I'm only inspired when I'm not feeling lazy... you get the idea. ;)

What am I going to be posting here? Well, I tend to make more larger graphics (journal headers) as opposed to icons these days. Most of my art has been revolving around Spike and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Michael and Fiona from Burn Notice lately, but I make other stuff too! I'm a huge fangirl and, when I'm inspired, I love expressing my love for my various fandoms/OTPs in graphic art.

There isn't much posted in the community as of yet (due to computer problems occurring not long after it was created), but I hope to change that soon. In the mean time, if you want to see a bunch of my old stuff, check out the memories section of my old art journal, iconvex_ (I will warn you though... a lot of it is god-awful xD).


(1.) If you take something, please give me credit for it. Either cutiesaiyajin or indolent_graphx is fine. If you're using a layout/header, just credit me on your userinfo page.

(2.) Try to leave me a comment if you take something. I'm anal about knowing where my crap's going. xD Plus it's always nice to know when someone likes something. Builds self-esteem, ya know! :D

(3.) Please don't edit or alter anything of mine. Resizing a journal header is fine, but please don't go around blatantly turning something of mine into something else, 'kay? :)

(4.) I do not take requests. It's nothing personal; I just hate having obligations hanging over my head. :P Plus, there are a million other artists out there who are far better than me at icon/graphic making AND who enjoy taking requests. Search around various icon communities a little and you'll probably find some. :)




On the crazy off-chance that you want to affiliate with me, click here and leave me your info. :O


Yep, just one last little section here I wanted to mention. Here's a small list of some of the icontest and icon communities I've been known to frequent (some more than others, mind you).


Others have come and gone in the past, and they are unfortunately now defunct. But yeah... the ones listed above are the still active places I like to participate in, when I get the chance. :)

So that's me. And these are my graphics. Feel free to friend me anytime! :)